Meet Andrew Lawton

I am an Electronics and Electrical Engineer with an interest in mechanical on the side. I studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Electrical) at Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn. I have previously worked in Avionics, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics and Mechanical Design. I have created this web site to tell you a bit about myself and show you some of my projects.

My projects:
Garage Roof Garage Roof Build
3D Printer Extruder 3D Printer Hot End and X Carriage Replacement
Nerf Vulcan Belt Links - "GooseLink" 1300 Supercharger CAD
LCD computer Mazda 1300 Engine Build
LCD computer - Mark 2 Rx7 Radiator Shroud
LCD computer - Mark 3 Rx7 In Dash Wideband Fuel Mixture and Injector Duty Cycle Display
RAID Storage PC Asus EEE PC 900 Touch Screen Mod
Mazda 1300 Engine Change Mazda 1300 Mazda 1300 5 Speed Gearbox Change
Holden HJ 202 Engine Change Holden HJ 202 Gearbox Change
Holden HJ 202 Supercharger Mazda 1300 Chasis Rail Rust
Tampered Motorsport Track Days at Winton Raceway Mazda 1300 Sub Box
Mazda Rx7 Coilovers Car Photography
Mazda Rx7 Diff Mount and Rear Cross Member Change Rolley Racer
You can contact me at, but beware I have lots of junkmail filtering