Mazda 1300 Supercharger CAD

Long ago I decided I wanted to get more horse power out of my pride and joy mazda 1300. After many thoughts of many options, I've chosen to supercharge and fuel inject a D5 mazda engine 1.5L. The main challenge is that the engine bay is small. To determine how much I can fit in there I've chosen to use Solidworks since that is what I learnt in Uni.

The goal here on this work in progress is to get one of these: into here

So by using CAD I can design a manifold to support and mate supercharger and fuel injection to the engine, and see if it fits before I spend any money fabricating

Elements: Injector Assemblies: Engine
Supercharger Interum Assembly 1
Head Interum Assembly 2
Block Main Assembly 1
Standard Starter Main Assembly 2
Reduction Drive Starter Main Assembly 3
Engine Mount Main Assembly 4
Steering Box
Engine Bay