Mazda 1300 Engine Build

I bought a D5 engine because it is the best bolt in option available, same gearbox, crossmember, radiator and engine mounts. Plenty of people put a rotary in these but it requires too many changes to the body and supports. I'd prefer a rotary in an Rx3 for a rotary project. By having a spare engine I could spend the time rebuilding it properly whilst the vehicle is still working.

This engine has been honed (cylinder walls completely round), balanced all internals, front pulley to clutch, deck has been o-ringed to improve seal since there are no aftermarket race gasket sets easily available, new bearings and rings, head has been ported, valve guides have had bronze inserts fitted for low pressure leakage from the port into the rocker cover under pressure from forced induction, high lift cam and roller rockers, double valve springs and double row timing chain.

Essentially it's been built to supercharge. But for now it will be run in on factory carburettor. Check out the change below:

Specifications: Features:
* Bore: 77mm
* Stroke: 80mm
* Displacement: 1490cc
* Larger bore size and stroke than original 1.3L TC engine
* Balanced front to back including clutch, new rings, 0.25+ undersize main bearings
* Head ported, bronzed valve guides for low leak back when supercharged
* Deck o-ringed for greater seal with standard head gasket
* High lift cam, Mazda roller rockers