Mazda 1300 Engine Change

I bought a D5 engine because it is the best bolt in option available, same gearbox, crossmember, radiator and engine mounts. Plenty of people put a rotary in these but it requires too many changes to the body and supports. I'd prefer a rotary in an Rx3 for a rotary project. By having a spare engine I could spend the time rebuilding it properly whilst the vehicle is still working. Check out the change below:

The old: Mazda UC 1.4L SOHC The new: Mazda D5 1.5L SOHC
* Larger Bore size than original 1.3L TC engine
* Had a new head gasket and fixed someone else's bodged up valve timing
* Good and reliable, but not epic, so I need a new engine I can supercharge and EFI
* Larger bore size and stroke than original 1.3L TC engine
* Balanced front to back including clutch, new rings, 0.25+ undersize main bearings
* Head ported, bronzed valve guides for low leak back when supercharged
* Deck o-ringed for greater seal with standard head gasket
* High lift cam, Mazda roller rockers.