Mazda 1300 Sub Box

I don't need to blow the windows out of my car, but I do like a little clarity in the bottom end.

For too long the donated sub unit literally strapped into the boot of my 1300 has taken up too much room. There was room around where the sub was, but because it was in the centre the usable space for actual luggage was compromised. The new solution utilised the $25 bargain Jensen sub and a brand new $40 clearance model pioneer amp. In true Andrew style I've spent more time, effort and money on a thing I could build rather than buy one off the shelf. BECAUSE IT'S FUN. Check it out below:

Specifications: Features:
* Jensen 12" sub.
* Pioneer 300W bridgeable 2 channel amp
* Tuff looking enclosure fitting with Andrew style (See LCD Computer)
* MDF enclosure for easy working and dampening effects, Aluminium skeleton for strength