Holden HJ 202 Engine Change

Because the EPA warning letters were annnoying

Recently onverted to LPG, the cost of fuel to get around wasn't too bad, but the cost of oil was. The pumes of smoke out the back were a sure sign of trouble with the EPA. When an engine drinks more litres of oil than petrol there is a big problem. The tired old flogged 202 had to go, and was replaced with a better working 202. Even though the old one had crazy cams and yella terra head, the standard not worn out motor made so much more power in the right rev ranges. So it was a win all around. Still have the old head for a project one day. Check out the change below:

The Old: The New:
* 202 Ci Red motor from HQ low compression
* Yella Terra Head
* n=26.5L/100km
* Drank more oil than petrol
* 202 Ci Red motor from HZ low compression
* Cheap but good running condition
* Improved economy from ugly to 1985 standard
* Drinks less oil than petrol