Holden HJ 202 Gearbox Change

The need to change the gearbox came from the long history of this car. Out of the factory, it was a 1975 HJ ute with V8 308Ci. At some point someone must have eye'd off the v8 for a project, and put their hotted up 202 back in the ute for sale. A few owners later I come and buy it for $900 in mansfield where it still had disc brakes and V8 sailsbury diff in it. Worked for my purposes, but the 3.08 ratio rear end has never worked well with the 202 for street driving. Rather than put a 6 cylinder diff or a V8 engine in the car, I've done a typical Andrew and found an interesting solution, supercharge the 202 for more power, and attempt to correct the ratio with a different gearbox ratio.

Enter the celica 5 speed gearbox.

With a first gear ratio for the holden at 3.05:1, and the celica at about 3.287:1 take off is improved, whilst 5 gear as over drive and low diff ratio means the car cruises fantastically on the freeway. See the gearbox change below:

The Old: The New:
* Holden Aussie 4 Speed
* Ratios: 1st: 3.05:1 2nd: 2.19:1 3rd: 1.51:1 4th: 1.00:1 Reverse: 3.05:1
* Toyota Celica Steel Case gearbox with CRS Rod Shop bellhousing
* Ratios: 1st: 3.287:1 2nd: 2.043:1 3rd: 1.394:1 4th: 1.00:1 5th: 0.853:1 Reverse: 4.039:1