Holden HJ 202 Supercharger

To curb the insatiable desire for more power, and to help tow my Rx7 to the race track, it was supercharger time. Admittedly, I did not make this kit. A fine gentleman by the name of Ashley who was selling similar kits like this one on ebay offered to make one with a longer drive shaft that would suit my factory power steering. CRS supercharger kits are ok, but they do not work with power steering. This kit cost me a princely sum of $900 + supercharger which blew me away and I had to have one. The snout system is fantastic and looks great. I had planned to make one myself where the supercharger was mounted close to the front of the engine and therefore could use the original pulley which included electric clutch. But then again who really wants to turn off the supercharger anyway? This setup is much better than what I had planned.

There have been a few niggling issues that will require future improvement. It uses a 11A section V belt because holden made a bolt on pulley for the VK commodore with a similar engine to drive power steering and aircon. So the aircon part drives the supercharger. It certainly works, but it wears out belts every 10 months or so. Ashley usually prescribes a holley or an SU carby with his kits, but because of my LPG I opted to keep the original stromberg. With the extra power and hence air flow I can measure a vacuum between the carby and supercharger at higher than 2800RPM. I certainly need a bigger carby. When this vacuum is present, the boost drops as well. Not so much the cost of a new carby but the cost of LPG changes is the prohibitive part.

Future improvements will be a to make new mounts for pulleys using toothed belts and pulleys, and ditch petrol all together and use either a gas research carburettor, or a direct liquid LPG injection system. Check out the supercharger system below:

Specifications: Features:
* Uses Toyota Supercharger SC14
* Supercharger drive ratio of 2:1
* Generates peak boost of 5.5PSI
* Solid manifold mounted supercharger
* Aluminium snout drive system.
* Runs on LPG or petrol