Lawton's LCD Computer - Mark 2

A computer is up to date for only so long, and even my epic LCD computer needs an upgrade here and there. This time I also decided to make some changes.

Wide screen monitors were so commong and down in price now, HD movies on PC's more common, and I missed having multiple screens. So wide screen it is. New 24" wide screen is same height as 19" standard, and old 19" plus a new 19" become auxillary monitors. This meant another graphics card to drive the new screen (small enough to fit in the box) so cooling which was already on limit needed improving. This was my step into the expensive world of water cooling.

In the overhang of the wide screen on the standard size matched box I was able to put two 3x120mm radiators. Whilst this setup works, it will need improvement due to all drives being external, and the whole system incredibly hard to work because of water cooling being difficult to dismantle. PC water cooling fittings being expensive I have also opted for automotive fittings, proving to be to bulky for the small space. Check it out below:

Specifications: Features:
* Intel Core 2 Duo 8400 3.0GHz
* Gigabyte GA-G33m-DSR2 Mini-ATX
* 2048MB Corsair Dominator 1066
* Gigabyte GeForce 8600GT MB PCI-e
* XFX GeForce 5200FX PCI * Seagate 400GB SATA HDD
* Samsung 245b 5ms 24" monitor
* Samsung 940b 5ms 19" monitor
* Samsung 913N 8ms 19" monitor
* Lian Li fan controller (air)
* Thermaltake thermal management (water), pumps and GPU water blocks
* 2x black ice radiators
* Swiftech m/board water blocks
* Scythe 6x120mm rad fans
* Front mount Bulgin illuminated switches (including DVD activity and eject)
* Front mount USB2.0
* Compact Single Unit Design
* External IDE, SATA and power plugs for external drive connection