Nerf Vulcan Belt Links

The Nerf Vulcan dart blaster is a lot of fun but for a belt supplied automatic dart blaster, 25 darts is just not enough. Many have linked belts together to make longer belts, but there are several disadvantages with a long belt: the entire belt must pass through the dart blaster before it can be removed and reloaded, the belt can be too heavy for the blaster mechanism to pick up, the length of the belt can’t be changed at will.

Wouldn’t it be great is one belt could be easily linked onto another belt and separated in a second?

Enter the Goose Link, a modification for the ends of the belt to allow them to be seamlessly linked together. This means a belt can be of unlimited length, and can be separated when required. Belts can also be linked end to end so a loop forms under the dart blaster making it easier to carry, and the balanced weight makes it easier for the mechanism to pick up the belt.

The product was intended to be injection moulded and sold as a kit, or fitted to a belt for sale pre modified. Prototypes were professionally 3D printed by SLS and performed well under test. However due to the expense of injection moulding and Hasbro discontinuing the Nerf Vulcan, Goose Link never entered mass production.

Check out the photos below:

Specifications: Features:
* 24 darts per belt
* Fits Nerf Vulcan dart blaster
* Scalable ammo belt lengths.
* Allows belt to be looped under the blaster