Mazda Rx7 Coilovers

When the rear right strut blew out and lost it's oil and seal, I knew it was time for a fix. I had been warned a year and a half earlier that it was on the way out by the road worthy tester. However to get another strut that suited the Electronic Auto Adjust Suspension system turned out to be a difficult challenge. The rational fix then is to buy racing suspension. I bought BC brand BR model shocks which are height, dampner and camber adustable, however only the front is camber adustable. I bought them from Wholesale Suspension in Sydney, because they had said in the future they would not warranty or supply spares for the dodgey ebay ones coming from New Zealand. Proud to buy locally and be able to buy parts in the future, I bought these and you can see how they went in below:

Specifications: Features:
* Spring rates: 6 and 8 mm/kg
* BC BR's height, dampner and camber adjustable