Mazda Rx7 Diff Mount and Rear Cross Member Change

Notorious problem for the Rx7 FC3S is the front rubber diff mount falls apart. This is the second one to be replaced on this car when I've had it, the first was for road worthy. The car has also been rearended before, and during a wheel alignment the aligner said that if the wheels were all parallel, the rear ones are not tracking directly behind the front ones. So when I had to change the diff mount I also got a cross member to swap over to see if it made a difference, since you pretty much have to remove the cross member to get to the diff mount. Oddly, the cross member came off with a bang, and can see the difference in where the mounts line up when released in the pictures below. I compared the new and old cross member, and both were the same to the millimeter. When reinstalling it didn't have any trouble going back in, so I can only assume releasing it aleviated the stress. Check out the pictures below: